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Welcome to the Glenwood City Area Chamber of Commerce
Welcome to the Glenwood City Area Chamber of Commerce
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Visitor Information - Glenwood City

In 1880 the site that was to become Glenwood City was a tranquil "glen" (valley) in the midst of huge forests. By 1885-1890 with the coming of the railroad and the lumber mills, Glenwood was the major trading center of the area with a population of 2000. In the early 1990's, the forests were depleted and the area transformed into farming which exists to this day.

Visitor Information

Glenwood City Clerk's Office
Phone: (715) 265-4227

Glenwood City Police Department
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: (715) 265-4228
Fax: (715) 265-7389

Glenwood City Public Library
Phone: (715) 265-7443
Website: www.glenwoodcitylibrary.org

Glenwood City School District
District Office: (715) 265-4757
High School: (715) 265-4266
Elementary: (715-265-4231
Website: www.gcsd.k12.wi.us

Glen Hills County Park
Phone: (715) 265-4613
Website: http://www.co.saint-croix.wi.us/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={2130CE3A-2461-4E77-86A7-DE3A179FCD34}

St. Croix County Fair and Fairgrounds (located in Glenwood City, WI)

St. Croix County

St. Croix Economic Development Corporation

For a list of local businesses, please see the Business Directory.

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