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Welcome to the Glenwood City Area Chamber of Commerce
Welcome to the Glenwood City Area Chamber of Commerce
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City Departments - Recycling Dept.

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Items accepted:

Glass: Clear and brown. No window glass or mirrors. Metal caps, rings or foil must be removed and bottles must be reasonably clean.

Aluminum cans: Can be either whole or crushed.

Tin Cans (bi-metal): Can be whole or crushed and reasonably clean. Labels need not be removed.

Cardboard: AII types of cardboard are accepted. Boxes should be broken down before depositing.

Paper/Newspaper:All residential paper including magazines and newspaper are accepted. Paper needs to be removed from plastic bags before depositing in trailer.

Plastic:PETE (#1) and HDPE (#2) are accepted. These numbers can be found on the bottom of the container. Caps must be removed and containers reasonably clean.

Items accepted with a fee:

$25.00 – Sectional couch

$20.00 – Couches, king size mattress or
box spring

$15.00 – Recliners, love seats, upholstered
chairs, dining room table or chairs (each), queen size mattress or box spring

$10.00 – Toilets, carpet, carpet pad (per room), full or twin size mattress or box spring, bath tubs

$5.00 – Gas and charcoal grills, coffee or end tables, vanities, high chairs, windows, sinks, ironing boards, steel doors, dressers

14” - 19”- $5.00
20’’ - 24”- $6.00

The recycling facility cannot accept appliances, electronics of any kind, construction debris or hazardous materials.

This is not an all-inclusive list. Check with recycling attendant before depositing items not listed. Do NOT leave items in the fenced in area.

For more information on recycling, contact the St. Croix County Recycling Specialist at 715-531-1907 or visit www.sccwi.us/recycling.