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City Departments - Glenwood City Police Dept.

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The Glenwood City Police Department is currently located at 113 West Oak Street in Glenwood City (formerly Citizens State Bank).


Glenwood City, otherwise known as the “City Of 57 Hills”; is a fast growing community, and faces many challenges to meet those growth needs.

The Glenwood City Police Department employs three patrol officers: a Chief of Police, a full time patrol officer, and a part time patrol officer. Officers dedicate themselves to protect and serve the citizens of Glenwood City to the best of their ability.

Glenwood City Police Contact Numbers:

Office: 715-265-4228
Fax: 715-265-7389
St. Croix County Dispatch-Non Emergency: 1-800-281-3478

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Application for Operator's License:
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Employment Opportunties:
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